Some Kumawood actors are into serious ‘Juju’ – Kwaku Manu alleges

Popular Kumawood actor and TV presenter, Kwaku Manu, has unmasked a disturbing practice that has been going on in the Kumawood sector of the Ghanaian movie industry, involving individuals in ‘Juju’ to impede their colleagues’ advancement in the film sector.

According to him, these actors employ spiritual means to mastermind the downfall of the progress of their colleagues, thereby negatively impacting the overall production output.

Kwaku Manu made alleged “juju” activities in the industry while speaking on his Kwaku Manu Show, where he offered advice to aspiring actors, tasked them to cultivate a deep connection with their faith in God, which can serve as a protective shield against potential attacks, emphasizing the importance of dedicated worship to God as a safeguard against potential attacks from their peers.

“That is why I tell actors and actresses that if you start acting and decide to follow God, do it perfectly. We have actors, movie stars, and musicians in Ghana who are into serious juju. It is like a horse running speedily without a break,” he alleged.

“They would go to fetish priests and come and claim they are Christians. They would go to church with you on Sundays. There are actors in Kumawood who bury cows,” he continued.

“There was a guy who was trending two years ago but he is nowhere to be found today because his fame was buried. I always advise people to serve God well to avoid such attacks,” he added.

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