‘Squid Game: The Challenge’ trailer eerily recreates deadly children’s games – Video

Excited for Season 2 of Squid Game? Well, too bad – there’s no release date in sight.

However, if you still want to satisfy your craving for death games, you can soon turn to Netflix’s reality show version of its most-watched show ever: Squid Game: The Challenge.

Aside from entirely missing the point of Squid Game and reportedly being a hazardous nightmare to film, Squid Game: The Challenge looks to meticulously recreate its fictional dystopian contest with real people. These green jumpsuit-wearing contestants clap and cheer as they step onto sets identical to those from Squid Game, like the Red Light, Green Light arena, or the bunkbed-filled common room where a giant plastic piggy bank full of $4.56 million hangs over everyone. Death games! Fun!

This trailer offers glimpses of The Challenge’s own take on said death games, which include Squid Game classics like marbles and hopscotch, as well as games new to this growing franchise like Battleship. The only thing missing is actual death. Although based on the use of fake blood squibs exploding when contestants are eliminated, it looks like Netflix is trying to simulate that too.

Squid Game: The Challenge hits Netflix on Nov. 22.

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