Teacher union skeptical about govt’s one-student-one-tablet policy

A teacher union, All Teachers Alliance Ghana (ATAG) is sceptical about government’s one student one tablet initiative.

The union says government has not been able to execute initiatives such as the one teacher one laptop policy in the past hence cannot be trusted to fulfil the new one.

Speaking to Citi News, the National Chairman of the Union, Isaac Ofori said some of the teachers are yet to receive their laptops two years down the line, hence government should come clean on the one student one tablet initiative.

“Many people are sceptical about the policy because there are about 80,000 primary school teachers who haven’t received their laptops yet, and we have not had any communication as to why the delay in the distribution. Recently, I even heard that some distributions are going on, but the quality of the laptops is questionable.

“Two years down the line, as you can see, teachers are yet to receive the laptop, yet their monies have been deducted and then, pension monies too have been used to produce the laptops.”

Mr. Ofori further stated that the non-existent details of the laptops leave more to be desired.

“All of us are worried as to the details and who is involved and which kind of tablet they are going to give to the students. Until we see the end product or what will come out of it, we will not know.”