Titus-Glover vows to deal with NDC Secretary for calling him arrogant

Titus Glover
Titus Glover
Titus Glover

Member of Parliament for Tema East, Daniel Titus-Glover, has vowed to deal  with the Secretary of the National Democratic Congress in the constituency, Baba Abdulai, for suggesting he is arrogant.

Mr Abdulai on Friday took a swipe at Titus-Glover for what he says is the MP’s unnecessary criticism of President John Mahama. He accused Mr Titus-Glover of being arrogant and only good at criticising  the work of President Mahama.

But the MP took exception to the statement by the Secretary and vowed to deal with him “politically” but fell short of what he meant by that. “I will deal with him politically, now I will show him what he sees in me” he stated on Onua FM’s Ghana Dadwen.

Mr Titus-Glover rejected Mr Abdulai’s claim that he’s an arrogant person, and said it was sad that the Constituency Secretary could not distinguish between criticism and direct insult.

“I don’t go round insulting the president as you claim but to state the exact situation on the ground, speaking to the issues as it pertains our life. It is clear that you (Abdulai) are ignorant,” he said.

The MP said he has lost the respect that he had for the NDC Secretary, adding he can no longer be friends with someone who is hiding from the truth. “From the studios here [at] Onua FM, my friendship with the NDC Tema East Constituency Secretary, Baba Abdulai is over.

“I’m not arrogant,” he said, adding “If the president does something good I will say it, but if he does something wrong, I will criticize him. You can’t take it away from me”.

By Jedidiah Okine|Onua 95.1FM|3new.com

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