Trailblazers and partners register children of head potters at Tudu onto NHIS

Trailblazers, a non-governmental organization (NGO) that seeks to empower both young and old women through mentoring and coaching, has partnered with Kenshan Kennel to support some head potters, popularly known as Kayayei, by registering their children onto the National Health Insurance Scheme (NHIS).

In all, about seventy kids were registered onto the scheme at Tudu in Accra.

Administrator at Trailblazers, Gifty Takyi, said the gesture will not only bring relief to the head potters financially especially as they’re vulnerable single mothers, but also offer the kids access to better healthcare when the need arises.

The beneficiaries, who are pupils of the Street Aid Nursery and Kindergarten at Kantamanto Railway and Tudu, were assisted by staff of the National Health Insurance Scheme (NHIS) to go through the registration process.

Those whose NHIS cards had expired had them renewed.

The Administrator at Trailblazers, Gifty Takyi, said it was refreshing to see the children enrolled onto the scheme, as it will also encourage their mothers to seek proper medical care for them each time, they are sick.

She added that this year, Trailblazers will focus on empowering more vulnerable groups especially women to make their lives more meaningful.

A Supervisor at the Tudu Street Girls Aid Nursery and Kindergarten in Accra, Joana Armah, said working with such children is an exciting experience.

Trailblazers also donated some learning materials to the school.

The stationery comprised textbooks, exercise books, story books, packs of crayons, packs of erasers, packs of pencils, packs of pens, sleeping mats, packs of sharpeners, toys etc.

Trailblazers was supported by Vidya Bookstore and some private individuals for the stationery donation, whereas the NHIS registration was done in partnership with Kenshan Kennel, a company that breeds and sells foreign dogs in Ghana.

Trailblazers was established a year ago to provide women, an avenue to acquire soft and entrepreneurial skills to develop themselves to their full potential.

Its objective is to train and encourage its target to develop their capabilities to become responsible and independent.