Video: Ama Official teases “enemy” Asantewaa for crying after losing her 3million followers TikTok page

Popular TikToker, Ama Official is rejoicing following reports that her “Tiktok enemy” Asantewaa has lost her over 3 million followers TikTok page.

According to her, she is very happy that Asantewaa has finally met her karma after the huge disgrace she [Asantewaa] caused her months ago.

Ama Official happily disclosed in a video that she prayed to God after Asantewaa leaked her n#des, trashed her after her brother slept with her, and arrested her on top of everything.

Ama Official went on to caution those who are tagging her and sending her videos of Asantewaa crying to stop because she doesn’t feel sorry for her.

This comes after Asantewaa’s TikTok page was banned.

Controversial TikTok star Asantewaa lost her page weeks ago after several people reported the account.

In a recent video, Asantewaa broke down in tears as she complained about the hate on her.

According to Asantewaa, any other person in her shoes would have committed suicide because Ghanaians complain about everything she does.

Watch the video below;

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