Video: Birthday bash turns ’embarrassing party’ as 70-year-old woman curses guests for not buying Aso-Ebi

A Nigerian woman who threw a lavish party for her 70th birthday in London ended up cursing and chasing away some of her guests for not buying Aso-Ebi, a uniform dress that is traditionally worn by relatives, friends, and guests of the celebrant.

The woman, identified as Oluwatoyin Bucknor, had sold Aso-Ebi to her guests, but some of them declined to buy it and came in their own outfits.

A video posted by Lindaikejiblog’s Instagram shows the shocking moment when the woman grabbed the microphone and ordered those who did not buy Aso-Ebi to leave her party immediately.

The video, which has gone viral on social media, shows the woman saying: “I beg you in God’s name, leave now. If you know you want to get to the age of 70, leave now.”

She added that she did not invite them to come and eat at her party but to celebrate with her and honour her with Aso-Ebi.

The guests, who were visibly stunned and offended by the woman’s outburst, had no choice but to grumble and leave.

Some of them were heard saying: “This is wickedness”, “This is unfair”, “This is London, not Nigeria”, and “She should have told us before”.

The video has sparked mixed reactions from social media users, with some condemning the woman for being rude and ungrateful, while others sympathising with her for being disappointed by her guests.

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