Video: Samini Picks Shatta Wale Over Stonebwoy, Kidi Over Eugene. For Sark, He Picks M

Dancehall Award-winning artiste Samini has set the record straight regarding his choice of artiste during his interview with Berla Mundi on The Day Show.

Samini who was put on the spot by host Berla had to make the hard choice of deciding between a few of his “recent ” “rivals” in the music industry. Samini a one-time MTN icon of the year who marked the path for a lot of upcoming artiste put aside personal vendetta and answered Berla.

Asked to choose between Shatta Wale and Stonebuoy, Samini said he was going to choose Shatta Wale because Shata had a lot more under his belt. He stated that Shatta Wale was from his “era” and that’s an important factor to state as he has become the phoenix of their generation.

Regarding Kwame Eugene and Kidi, Samini opted to go for Kidi as he felt Kidi has “that” international appeal to his craft while Kwame Eugene was more vested in promoting our local version of Afrobeat.

Manifest was the one to win over Sarkodie. Samini reiterated that he did not pick Manifest over Sarkodie because of the pending “Blue tick” issues he has with rapper Sarkodie. He added that Manifest has deeper rap verses than Sarkodie.

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