We won’t compromise on 60% increase in base pay – Organised Labour

The Deputy Secretary-General of the Trades Union Congress, Joshua Ansah, has stated that Organised Labour will not back down on its demand for a 60 per cent increment in their base pay.

“Compromise for what, there is no compromise. Our 60 per cent still stands as it is, and there is no compromise. 60 per cent in real terms is less than 18 per cent and if care is not taken and inflation goes up today or tomorrow, then it is reducing further,” Mr Ansah said after a meeting with the government on Wednesday ended in another stalemate

The negotiations between the Government and Organised Labour over the proposed 60% increase in the base pay of public sector workers were suspended indefinitely after both parties failed to reach a consensus during Wednesday’s meeting.

Organised labour is demanding a 60% increase in the base pay on the single spine salary structure to compensate for an unstable economic climate and high inflation.

The government in the latest round of talks tabled a 15 per cent increase, but the proposal was flatly rejected by organised labour.

After Wednesday’s meeting between the two, negotiations have been suspended indefinitely.