You’re joking! – Mr. Logic blasts Tourism Ministry over ‘Play Ghana’ Initiative

Entertainment pundit cum musician, Mr. Logic, has bashed the Ministry of Tourism, Arts, and Culture over the ‘Play Ghana’ initiative, which seeks to ensure that Ghanaian songs are played regularly in the country.

According to him, the Ministry of Tourism, Arts, and Culture, which has entertainment personality Mark Okraku-Mantey as its deputy, lacks understanding about how to promote local music in the country with regards to how they handled the ‘Play Ghana’ initiative.

He pointed out that the main challenge with Ghanaian songs not thriving enough is the fact that the music produced by some of the artistes is not of a higher standard that would interest people to listen.

Speaking on the United Showbiz programme monitored by GhanaWeb, Mr. Logic called on the Ministry of Tourism Arts and Culture to engage the right institutions and stakeholders if they want to make strides with the ‘Play Ghana’ initiative.

He described the current approach by the ministry as a ‘joke.’

“We have lost what makes a song in Ghana. The ministry (Tourism, Arts and Culture) does not understand this work. I would plead with them that if they want to do anything with music they should look for the right institutions and artistes. The musicians who were present were advocating and that could be done by anybody. I said that it is not 80/20. Good music will always penetrate the system because people are surfing whether from Nigeria, South Africa or Jamaica.

“The problem is there are too many bad songs in the system but the consumers will never agree with you. What is 80/20? It is a big joke. I respect the artistes who went to speak at the event but the agenda is emotional. It seems the music industry is dead so the dance challenge on social media is what the youth are using to revive the music,” he said.

The Ministry of Tourism, Arts and Culture together with the Information Ministry launched ‘Play Ghana’ initiative to ensure that local songs are played most of the time by the media.

It was said that there was a plan of 80/20 where Ghanaian songs would be played more often than foreign ones.

The initiative has been met with mixed reactions by some musicians and netizens on social media.

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