2015 GMB queen Esi asks youth to celebrate Easter with caution

EsiGhana’s Most Beautiful IX winner ESI has urged the youth, especially the teenage girls, to celebrate  the Easter festive season with care and to remember  the reason for such celebration.

Vera Oheneba  Safoah, popularly known  as Esi, believes the reason  for Easter, which signifies the death of Christ  for the sins of mankind, should  be given a good reflection of good behaviour.
According  to winner of TV3’s reality beauty pageant show, the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ is one important attribute of Christianity and must be given a deep thought .
In an interview  with TV3’s Central Region correspondent Thomas Vincent Cann,  on her message for the youth for the Easter festive season, Esi advised  them especially  the  teenage girls not to make fun as the main reason for the season.
“I believe  the reason for Easter is about the price Jesus  paid for our sins and his resurrection as a victory  for price paid for the sins,” she said.
“So all should not engage in acts that will end in any problem.”
She also cautioned teenagers to be careful not to engage themselves  in any promiscuous life that is likely to result in teenage pregnancy.
“That’s what my foundation, the  Pempamsie  Foundation is really  drumming into the ears of teenagers. Teenage pregnancy is a worrying social menace that we all can curb if we support the fight against it.”
Esi called on religious  leaders especially those of the various churches to talk about the need to be very careful and not to be promiscuous this Easter season.
Source: tv3network.com|Ghana

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