Abossey Okai ICGC threatened by engulfing refuse


Sandwiched between the International Central Gospel Church (ICGC) and a mosque at Abossey Okai in Accra is a heap of refuse.

This pile of refuse has infamously gained accolades including ‘Temple Refuse’ and the ‘Rubbish of Babel’.

For congregants of ICGC, worshippers at the mosque, workers and residents of the area, the stench emanating from the pile of refuse is nauseatingly bad.

Speaking on 3FM’s Community Connect, Reverend Albert Ocran of the ICGC said the heap of refuse started piling up a couple of years from about 100 meters away from the church.

“It started a couple of years ago. Where the refuse is now was occupied by five football pitches constructed by the church for kids in the community. All these investments were made to beautify the place but the rubbish has overrun these pitches,” said Rev. Ocran.

He said the area occupied by the refuse is not earmarked as a place for dumping refuse.

“City authorities have categorically confirmed that the area is not meant for dumping of refuse. Earlier this year, they put up a sign post instructing people not to dump refuse there but at the same time, you have some persons who stand on that refuse dump to charge people who come to dispose off their waste.”

He stated further that the stench from the stinking refuse travels to a far distance that people in the community find it unbearable.

“You can imagine the impact on the church,” Rev Ocran said.

“We spend thousands of Cedis deodorizing and disinfecting the environment. In spite of that, when it rains, some blackish liquid just flows from the environment into our space,” Rev Ocran added.

Community Connect’s attempts to get reactions from the Mayor of Accra, the PRO, and the Head of Health at the Accra Metropolitan Assembly have all not been successful.

3FM will follow up on this issue and will bring you updates.

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By Solomon Mensah|3FM|tv3network.com|Ghana

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