Acting pays me more than singing- Adomaa

Ghanaian singer and actress, Adomaa has shared that switching to acting has put more money in her pocket than when she was doing music.

In a recent interview on the “If More Let’s Divide” Podcast hosted by Mutombo Da Poet and Frederick Eliz, Adomaa was asked if acting paid more than music, to which she answered;

“To be very honest, yes!”

Explaining it for this reason she’s paying more attention to acting than her music, she said;

“I wouldn’t say so because my acting schedule is like a 9-5 and they send it ahead of time so I generally know what my week looks like, and I don’t shoot everyday, sometimes I’m on set and I still have free time. So, I won’t say I’m giving more attention to one than the other but one certainly pays more.”

Although Adomaa first started out as a singer and has shared her beautiful voice with the world, she shares that acting has always been a passion of hers for a very long time.

Watch full interview below;

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