“Big Mansions make like Hencoop now so do not stress yourselves” – Edem

In Ghana Mansions and cars are associated with success.Gh Musician Edem has stated that, Do not use your mansions to make people feel less.

And Most celebrities like to display their opulence for whatever reason they may have.

Gh Musician Edem states that he is not bothered by showy display of wealth but do not use those displays to make people feel less.

He goes on to shade that he these so called Mansions are like Hencoop now.

“I used to live in a single room with no roofing sheet and once I no longer live there then I have made money” He says

He explains that he sees things different because he came from nothing.

He Educates us that making money to him is all about making progress
So far as you are not where you used to be irrespective of where you want to be, you have made money that is progress.

“So Boys make you no stress yourselves” he encourages

Appreciate your progress and don’t stress yourself he advises.

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