Black Sherif’s latest song, ‘OH NO’ tops Shazam chart in Ghana

BET HipHop award-winning artiste Black Sherif’s recently released song, titled ‘OH NO’ is currently the number most Shazam song in Ghana.

Released on November 9, 2023, the song has quickly become the most Shazam’d song in Ghana, and is also currently number one on the Apple Music Top 100 Ghana chart.

The groundbreaking artiste is dominating the ever-growing African music scene with his new single, ‘OH NO’ which is barely a week old and already topping charts and enjoying massive radio spins.

Produced by Black Sherif’s in-house producer Samsney and Joker Nharnah, ‘OH NO’ is a Highlife, Soul, and Drill-infused anthem that chronicles the rapper’s resilience in navigating through adversity while staying true to his art.

In the song’s chorus, Black Sherif reaffirms his decision to keep working hard and staying true to himself, despite the challenges he may face. “I’m not switching up / I’m not giving up / I’m not giving in,” he sings.

Detailing the inspiration behind ‘OH NO’, the singer reiterated, “It feels like me standing at the edge of an open-pit but I know the resultant effect of the very next step at that moment in time.

I chose to live my life devoid of any fear of falling into the pit. There are voices around and within; pushing me. Either to direct my next step away from the pit or have me fall into this deep abyss.

“Oh No”, is a reaffirmation of my destiny and my calling. It’s me defining who I am, what I have believed in, and basking in the work I have put in thus far”.

Black Sherif began the year with the release of a double single project dubbed, ‘Take Care of Yourself Blacko’– a dulcet self-care affirmation song that preaches healing and taking time to reflect on his journey.

Since last year’s release of his debut album, The Villain I Never Was, Black Sherif has solidified his place as one of Africa’s most powerful creative voices and amassed massive global streaming numbers, which made him the most streamed Ghanaian artist of 2022 on Spotify and the most streamed Ghanaian artist of all time on popular African streaming platform Boomplay. Black Sherif has reached these pinnacles in record time—being an integral part of the new sound emanating from Africa.

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