Cecilia Marfo tearfully ‘curses’ critics of her recent media outburst

Ghanaian musician, Cecilia Marfo, has lambasted persons who are criticizing her on social media after she cried on TV following the challenges her church is grappling with.

According to her, she said nothing wrong about the remarks she made during the interview with JoyPrime TV, which has generated controversy in the public domain.

The aggrieved gospel musician fumed at the nature of criticisms and insults directed at her on social media and warned that God will deal with such individuals accordingly.

Cecilia Marfo expressed her worry over the insults meted out to her and lamented that it would lead to people not attending her church and further deepen her woes.

“Even my outfits, people sew them for me freely. I don’t even buy stuff with my money. I walk barefoot to do the work of God, and you use one day to condemn me? There is a particular sister on social media; I won’t talk, but what will happen to her? The whole nation will get to know it.

“What have I done to you? Those of you who publish fake news about me and use an ugly picture of me, don’t you know it affects me? I am pained. Did I say something wrong? Don’t you know you are sacking people from coming to Christ?” she said in a TikTok live session.

Cecilia Marfo angrily said that individuals who are raining insults on her would soon cry in their lives because of the damage they have caused her reputation.

“There is someone on social media attacking me; God said I should tell you it is left with her small time. If I am doing the work of God, why would you sit on social media and insult me? The insults will turn into cries for those insulting me on social media. Those generate revenues by saying fake things about me on social media. Why do you want me to stop following God? God will deal with all those making false claims about me on social media,” she fumed.

This, comes after Cecilia Marfo was subjected to vehement criticisms after she cried uncontrollably on Live TV, accusing Assin Central Member of Parliament (MP), Kennedy Agyapong, and Diana Asamoah of the difficulties her church is going through.

Cecilia Marfo blamed Diana Asamoah and Kennedy Agyapong’s criticisms of her church practices such as spitting in people’s mouths and others contributed to the downfall of her ministry.

Netizens on social media were not in support of her claims and chided her for indulging in practices that were not worth the image of Christ.

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