Valentine Nears: Facebook Users Share Heartbreak as Love Becomes a Luxury

In these tough economic times, folks on Facebook are letting it out about how money troubles are wrecking their love lives.
With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, many are finding it hard to keep up with the costs of being in a relationship, and it’s causing a lot of heartache.

One Facebook user, Kukua Ocran, straight-up says, “We were never this single when NDC was in power.” Others are jumping on the bandwagon, sharing stories about how these tough times are messing up their love game.

Allen SelyNam Millers puts it humorously, saying, “This system is hard; you want to add a woman to your life, then you’ll go hungry 😂😂😂. The struggle is real.” Bright George Agamah Junior reminisces about a time when getting a reply to messages wasn’t so darn difficult. Born Great sadly admits, “I had 7 ladies back then, now I don’t even have one…”

Selasie Mikera Mills sums it up with a laugh, “Oh sister, I’m more single than the word itself 🤣💔💔.”

As Valentine’s Day approaches, envy for those still holding onto their relationships is growing. What used to be a day for celebrating love is now a harsh reminder of the cost of romance in these financially rocky times.

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