Charlie Dior slams Adu Safowaa for ‘faking’ to curve her hips

Multiple award-winning US-based Ghanaian media Personality, stylist and fashion critic, Charlie Dior has gone hard on award-winning actress and media personality Regina Adu Safowaa over her sup-bar editing skills and called on her to properly learn how to Photoshop.

Charlie Dior roasted Adu Safowaa after a large number of recent birthday photos were released in which she was forcibly bending space and time just to give her hips some extra curve in her photos.

He also called on Adu Safowaa to frankly just exhibit a better fashion sense than she’s been showing so far.

Recalling that, Adu Safowaa engaged in a heated exchange with Charlie Dior, in one of her interviews, Safowaa responded to Dior’s criticism of her outfit at the 2023 VGMA red carpet event.

His hilarious video has left netizens in stitches and sparked hilarious trolling of Safowaa.

Watch Charlie Dior take Adu Safowaa to the cleaners belo;

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