Chef Smith Denies Twin Allegations, Sets the Record Straight

Chef Ebenezer Smith, widely recognized as Chef Smith, has refuted accusations made by some individuals.
He asserts that he and his alleged identical twin did not participate in the recently concluded cooking marathon world record attempt.
During an interview with social media influencer Code Micky on YouTube, Chef Smith clarified that the allegations were baseless and should be dismissed as falsehoods. Dispelling misconceptions, Chef Smith disclosed that he was never a twin and dismissed rumors of sneaking out of the glass booth at night for a nap while his supposed twin continued the marathon.
“People manipulated two of my photos to falsely suggest I have a twin. I want to emphasize that Chef Smith is singular,” he said.
Starting on February 1, Chef Smith cooked for a total of 820 hours, finally turning off his gas cooker on March 6.

It’s worth noting that, until Chef Smith’s confirmation, the record for the longest cooking marathon by an individual is held by Irish chef Alan Fisher.

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