Dr. Wask launches ‘Connect to wealth’ to eradicate poverty in Africa

Africa is a continent that harnesses great talent, as the current population is largely made up of youth.

Yet despite this strength, the continent faces the highest rate of poverty, not because of a lack of ideas but due to a lack of financial opportunities, limited resources, and clearly defined measures to aid it.

Following this issue, which has become a continental cankerworm slowly eating at the productivity of her people, a renowned Ghanaian business magnate, wealth creator, and a seven-figure earning networking professional, who has been listed in Network Marketing times magazine as a Master networker, Dr. Williams Anarfi Kwaku Sarpong, popularly known as Dr. WASK, as part of his heartfelt vision to combat poverty, launched the “Connect to Wealth” initiative.

This initiative, Connect to Wealth’, which is launched with a ladies’ wing ‘Connect to Wealth’ Ladies, is set out to educate, assist, motivate, and guide investors, entrepreneurs, youth, students, workers, and the people of Africa on how to strategically connect their lives, minds, and abilities towards wealthy thinking whilst creating avenues for making extra income was launched on November 12, 2022, at the El Lounge, East Legon, as part of Dr Wask’s birthday celebration.

According to the renowned wealth coach and public speaker also the Son of Africa, the Connect to Wealth Global Campaign is a non-profit organization dedicated to encouraging financial literacy in Africa. Identifying the three (3) major factors that will help make a difference in the lives of African entrepreneurs, which are; enabling environments via government and political leadership, access to cheap capital to help test theories and also build visions; and “as part of the Connect to Wealth vision, young entrepreneurs will be given mentorship, leadership, and opportunities because they can only thrive if leaders help them.

The executive members of the organization, are Maxwell Kissi, CEO and founder of Clipper Classic and Aftershave, Madam Victoria Naashika Quaye, CEO, and founder of NaaviqCompany Limited; Prince Nketiah, CEO of Financial Fitness Coach; Engr. Seth Henry Stalwart, CEO of Global Warehouse Investment Limited; and Stalwart Oil Industries, Madam Ama Nupe-Botchwey; Mr. Gideon LateiLamptey; Mr. Gideon Latei Lamptey, Madam Sandra Darkoa Ofori, Head of Corporate, speaking at the launch, lauded the renowned business magnate.

The Connect to Wealth Global Initiative is also a global platform designed as a vehicle for knowledge sharing among professionals from various sectors.”

He explained that the Connect to Wealth platform creates and curates opportunities across various sectors and layers them around solutions that solve real problems. “On this platform, we have many accomplished business executives from various countries and sectors using blockchain technology to transform lifestyles and create opportunities for individuals and organizations.”

The platform is built on the premise that wealth travels in the direction of knowledge, and getting more people to understand the results of wealthy people who have walked the path before they give them what is known as the wealth advantage.

Connect to Wealth Global Initiative is a movement of wealth transfer designed to uplift the downtrodden in society through the creation of various opportunities on the Connect to Wealth platform.

Dr. Wask is currently embarking on a wealth creation tour and visiting most African countries, Europe, Asia, the UK, and the USA to spread the good news and open branches of Connect to Wealth there.

The iconic launch, which also served as a birthday dinner, was attended by the crème de la crème of Ghanaian business, entertainment, media, and other astute personalities who have made significant contributions to society. Attendees include; Rev Agyekum Kuffour, DrKwaku Agyapong, CEO of Dophil, Nana Yaw Korsah, CEO of KORS Minerals, FiifiColeman, Keche, Vincent, and other renowned personalities.

 Dr. Anarfi was named one of the “Best Business Growth Influencers” in 2018 alongside Fmr. H.E. Anne Sophie Ave, H.E. Lilian Sally Addo, Prince Ned Nwoko Esq., Bola Ray, Asamoah Gyan, Stephen Leroy Appiah, Ambassador Ali Ajami, Nana Ama McBrown, and a host of other dignitaries.

He received the ‘honouree’ as the Best Business Innovator of the year at the Asian-African Leadership Achievement Awards and also was honoured for his outstanding entrepreneurial skills and proven track record of success, was bestowed the Innovator Award 2013 at KNUST during the Vice Chancellor’s Award.

 In Ghana in 2020, he was honoured by the former President, John Agyekum Kuffour, and also the Kumasi Leadership and SDG Awards Board for the difference he has made towards the achievement of SDG global vision in Kumasi. 

About Dr. William S.K. Anarfi

Trash Recycling and Management Organisation(TRAMO) and the WASK group of companies are led by him. 

Dr. Williams S.K. Anarfi is an outstanding entrepreneur with a proven track record of success. He is the Founder and President of WASK Group, one of the fastest-growing consultancy agencies in Ghana.

In 2018, he was adjudged the youngest CEO to receive the innovation award in Africa. He was awarded the title of “Best Network Marketer of the Year” during the Humanitarian and Business Awards, which were held by Gymped.

He was also honored as the “Best Global Business Growth Influencer” by the World Changers’ Summit in Dubai in 2018. He received the Best Enterprise Award from the European Business Assembly and was appointed as the EBA Business Ambassador to Ghana and West Africa in Oxford, UK, in 2018.

He was also the pioneer leader of Vida Divina TLC, starting his own company at the age of 15, Dr. Williams Anarfi Sarpong Kwaku (Dr. Wask) is among the few Africans to lead Multi-Level Network Marketing. He earned the accolade of master networker according to Network Marketing Time magazine in the United States. This initiative has helped over 50, 000 people on the continent live healthy and wealthy lives.

He has the singular vision of bringing investment into the African Continent through his group, diplomatic support system, and strategic partners across the globe.

He is currently the leader of Total life changes in Ghana and has rejuvenated the re-birth of business in Ghana. He has rich and enviable experience in strategic innovation, business strategy, and in-depth expertise in SME advisory services, project financing, and development.

He is the founder and Chief Executive Officer of TRAMO GHANA, which specializes in waste management and recycling of plastics into roofing tiles and pavement blocks, sale and installation of biogas digesters, waste sensitization training in senior high schools, tertiary institutions, as well as corporate organizations. He also handled the branch of Circle Link Innovation in Ghana.

Dr. Williams holds a satisfactory certification from the college of health sciences at Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology. In addition to his credit, he has a Professional Certificate in Strategic Management. He also has a certificate from Charisma University and American International Theology University (AITU) as an active member in recognition of professional standing and demonstrated competence.

Dr. Anarfi has established himself as a business network personality. He is also an Honorary Professor of the Academic Union, Oxford, UK, a global academic organization of over 200 university Chancellors, scientists, and researchers. He also holds a certificate from the department of international cooperation of the People’s Republic of China for undertaking an international training workshop on photovoltaic systems and applications with Yingli Solar at Baoding, China. He has also received certification from American InterContinental University for pursuing a Master’s Class in Leadership and Management.

He also spearheaded the United States Peace Corps Stars Project in Kumasi. He attained an Entrepreneurship award at the IPMATIC African Awards in 2014.

He was on the team that designed the most current 40-year ‘National Development Plan for Ghana between 2014 and 2015. As a son of Africa, he has great plans to use his corporate, diplomatic, and personal network and influence to bring development to the continent through.