D’banj’s HotBoy teases Ghana in global hit.

African music has been on the breakout, this entire decade. With D’banj opening the European door to African musician and going on to sign acts to him imprint, there’s no questioning his role in this growth.

CheekyChizzy joins the list of musicians releasing under Sony Music. A signee of DKM records, CheekyChizzy’s new single pays homage to Ghanaian language and sound. In an apparent move to appeal to the audience in Ghana, Kokomo is heavily laden with Twi and it’s rhythm rides an instrumental that salutes Hiplife culture.

Cheekychizzy’s verified instagram handle, revealed that the song’s video is on the way. However ahead of the hugely anticipated release fans from all over the world are already accepting the song, as is evident on social media.

Here’s a free sample:

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