ECG Exposes Electricity Theft at Dismantled Fantasy Dome

The Electricity Company of Ghana (ECG) has alleged that Fantasy Entertainment, the operators of the recently dismantled Fantasy Dome at the Accra Trade Fair, engaged in electricity theft through an unauthorized connection.

The dome’s demolition exposed the illegal power hookup, triggering a fire outbreak during dismantling due to the electricians’ lack of awareness about the unauthorized connection.

In response to the incident, on-site ECG officials have urged Fantasy Dome management to provide a report to the Revenue Protection National Taskforce within 48 hours. Non-compliance could lead to legal consequences.

According to Asaase News, the revenue protection division of the ECG provided a report detailing the illegal connection carried out by the owners of the Fantasy Dome.

“You are requested, in your interest, to report within 48 hours from the date of this notice to (CSD) REVENUE PROTECTION NATIONAL TASKFORCE at ECG PROJECT OFFICE BEHIND THE VIP TRANSPORT YARD (CIRCLE), preferably between the hours of 8.00 AM and 5.00 PM to regularize your power service connection. You may bring along any relevant ECG document. EGG reserves the right to institute criminal proceedings against you at its convenience,” the report reads.

The Fantasy Dome, present since January 2018, was removed on March 16, 2024, for the ongoing Ghana International Trade Fair Center Development Project. Despite efforts by the Trade Fair Company Limited post-expiry of its tenancy agreement in December 2023, Fantasy Entertainment resisted, claiming to have an injunction which the Trade Fair Company denies.

Supervised by the Ghana Police Service and the National Security Ministry, its removal aimed to facilitate construction works for the project. Established in 1960 to boost Ghana’s trade, the Ghana Trade Fair Company is undergoing redevelopment to position Ghana as a trade hub for West Africa, with infrastructure works already underway.

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