Fella and I Sleep in Separate Rooms; We Haven’t Been Intimate for Almost a Year – Medikal

Rapper Medikal has revealed details about his strained relationship with his partner, Fella Makafui. Medikal disclosed that although they live together, they have not been intimate for almost a year and sleep in separate rooms.

He mentioned that a nanny cares for their daughter and expressed frustration over Fella involving the public and calling the police on him instead of resolving their issues privately.

In a post on the X app, accompanied by a video, Medikal explained that Fella called the police after he asked her cousin Bless, who had been living with them for over two years, to move out.

He noted that Bless recorded the incident, which led him to make the situation public. In another video, he is seen telling the police he would not go with them for questioning. Medikal emphasized that he has never been abusive or violent and expressed his desire to co-parent peacefully and ensure a bright future for their child.

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