Medikal Reveals How Fella Makafui Threw Away Her Ring During Solo Trip to Dubai

Before rapper Medikal confirmed his separation from his wife, Fella Makafui, social media users had long noticed that she wasn’t wearing her wedding ring.

This absence sparked rumors of a possible breakup or marital issues. Some speculated online that it was just a typical publicity stunt to boost their careers. Even after Medikal announced the separation, many still believed it might be a tactic to promote his show in London.

However, last night, Medikal took to Snapchat to reveal many secrets about his home life. Although he claimed he didn’t want to disclose his baby mama’s sensitive issues, he shared significant details.

According to Medikal, Fella stopped wearing her ring because she threw it away during a trip to Dubai—a trip he didn’t know about until he saw it on blogs.

“You traveled to Dubai without my knowledge; I found out from a blog because we were not on speaking terms at that time due to some strange reasons. Upon your return, I noticed you weren’t wearing your wedding ring. When I asked about it, you told me our marriage was over because you heard rumors.
“I tried to reconcile multiple times, but when I asked about the rumors, there was no substance or proof. You threw the ring away and just wanted us to co-parent,” he said, adding that he had neither cheated nor done anything to warrant a divorce.

He added that Fella Makafui physically abused him on several occasions. He described an incident where she jumped the wall to their home after hearing a rumor that Medikal was having an affair. He recounted how she poured a cup of coffee on him, struck his head with the cup, smashed his laptop, and hit him with a hanger. He mentioned that he called the police to intervene that night. He also clarified that he has never raised his hands or gotten physical with her.

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