Fella Makafui Hasn’t Cooked for Me in Two Years, I Order Food Online – Medikal Reveals

Rapper Medikal has sparked controversy on social media by disclosing details about his troubled relationship with his baby mama, Fella Makafui.

In a series of revelations on Snapchat last night, the ‘Omo Ada’ singer shared that he and Fella have been separated for some time but still reside in the same house. He explained that he sleeps upstairs while Fella has moved downstairs.

Medikal claimed that Fella brought her cousin to live with them for almost two years, despite his objections. Additionally, Fella’s mother, who doesn’t speak to him, frequently stays for one to two weeks at a time, and a schoolmate of Fella’s often sleeps in his recording studio for over a week.

Medikal expressed his frustration, saying he had asked Fella to have her cousin leave, but she refused.

“I’m so heartbroken right now because I wanted to let things slide. I was very thoughtful and have emotional intelligence because the woman I chose to be with is the mother of my child. I do not want some sensitive issues out in the open that will dent her image and affect our child and myself, but I’m just seeing so many things online.”

He also mentioned feeling unsafe in his own home, referring to documents and a letter to the CID indicating his concern for his safety. Medikal added that his closet is detached from the house, leading to instances where he unintentionally walked naked to get dressed, sometimes in front of Fella’s cousin.

Furthermore, Medikal shared that Fella hasn’t cooked for him in two years of their four-year marriage, and on the X app, he revealed they haven’t had sex for almost a year.

“The chef cooks for me because Fella doesn’t cook. She said she’s no longer married to me. Even before that, it’s been almost two years since she stepped in the kitchen. So I always order food, or the nanny, being so good to me, cooks for me, or I get food outside. Sometimes my manager brings me food. That’s how I survive in my home,” he said.

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