Medikal Exposes Fella Makafui for Undergoing Cosmetic Surgery to Promote Her Flat Tummy and Slim Tea Business

Rapper Medikal has sparked controversy on social media by sharing details about his troubled relationship with his baby mama, Fella Makafui.

In a series of Snapchat posts last night, the ‘Omo Ada’ singer revealed several issues involving Fella Makafui. Among these revelations, he claimed that Makafui underwent cosmetic surgery, including a tummy tuck and buttock enhancement, to promote her slimming tea and waist trainer business. Medikal mentioned that he initially advised her against the surgery, suggesting that he could hire models with ideal body figures to serve as influencers or ambassadors for her products, especially since she had recently given birth and was not feeling her best.

However, Makafui refused to speak to him for nearly four months until he relented and paid for the procedures.

“You told me about your business. You wanted to do waist trainer and skincare. You told me about it and I was like, ‘Cool, I’ll support because you’re my woman,'” he stated.

Medikal also revealed that, despite public belief that Makafui produces her own products, she actually orders them from

“If not for that lady (Fella Makafui), I wouldn’t know about Alibaba Express. That’s where you order your products. You made me understand how the website works, so I supported with money.”

He recounted how, after the birth of their child, Makafui felt that her business marketing would not be effective without surgery to achieve a “snatched” body. Medikal noted that she didn’t speak to him for three to four months due to this issue until he finally agreed to her undergoing the surgery. He described how she went to Nigeria for the first surgery and was unreachable because she was under anesthesia and in a coma, which worried him until she returned.

A few months later, she requested to go to Turkey for additional procedures, which he again agreed to out of love and concern for her and their child.

“As loving, caring, and stupid as I am, I was like, ‘Cool, how much is it?’ So I ended up paying X amount of money for the surgery in Turkey, paying for your hotel, paying everything. Almost 25,000 euros or more,” he added.

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