Fella Makafui Refutes Medikal’s Claims, Cites Significant Harm to Her Family and Business

Actress and filmmaker Fella Makafui has released a statement addressing revelations made by rapper Medikal, her baby daddy.

This follows allegations Medikal made weeks ago when he announced their separation on the X app, stating they are now only co-parenting. Medikal has since accused Fella Makafui of physical abuse, undergoing cosmetic surgery he funded to promote her business, discarding her wedding ring during a solo trip to Dubai, not cooking for him for nearly two years, and living in separate rooms despite sharing the same house.

Fella Makafui’s statement confirms Medikal’s claim that they are no longer husband and wife, explaining that they are waiting for their families to finalize their divorce rites.

“I and my husband have, a few months ago, agreed to end our four-year marriage. We have, therefore, been waiting for our respective families to complete the required customary divorce rites,” her statement read.

She refutes Medikal’s claims, stating they are untrue and have caused significant harm to her personally, as well as to her family and businesses. “Recently, however, my husband has been making a little too many public statements on our marriage, our beloved daughter, my family, and my businesses. These public statements, considerable parts of which are a great departure from the truth, have caused significant hurt to me, my family, and to my businesses,” she said.

To address the situation, Fella Makafui emphasized her commitment to respecting their families, maintaining marital privacy, and acting in the best interest of their daughter.

“I have decided to resort to only lawful and appropriate forums to address my grievances,”she stated. She has initiated legal proceedings to ensure her and her daughter’s safety and to regulate co-parenting duties in accordance with the law.

Fella Makafui expressed her gratitude for the support she has received and requested privacy during this difficult time. “I am sincerely grateful for the extreme support given to me, my family, and my businesses and brand over the years. I plead for understanding and privacy during this challenging period,” she concluded.

Read the full statement below:

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