Video: Meet Mzbel’s son, Okomfo Black, who is now a fetish priest and doesn’t believe in God

Aaron Amoah Adepa, better known as Okomfuor Black, the first biological son of the celebrated hiplife artiste, Mzbel has caused massive stir online.

According to him, he’s a traditionalist, pours libation and doesn’t believe in God.

In a recent conversation with Obi TV, he sighted what he claims to be contradictions in the supernatural realm citing science as a reason all such are in place.

Adepa made a bold statement that he wasn’t created by God but by his mother because it’s his mother who takes care of him.

“I believe through science that human beings were created and not born and as such, I never got to see God as my father or my mother” he said.

The 10-year-old boy added that he pours libations to his ancestors which baffled the host and went to state that Jesus Christ did not come to die for our sins stating a controversial reason.

He called the thoughts of hell stupidity as according to him, it doesn’t make sense to create a hellhole for sinners when you can easily erase sin as the almighty.

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