Firefighters struggling to douse Spintex fire due to lack of water

FireOutbreakFire fighters are struggling to completely put out an inferno that has engulfed a warehouse of Kingdom Furniture and other makeshift structures at Kotobabi on the Spintex Road in Accra.

Although they have managed to control the fire which started at about 5:30pm Thursday from spreading to other structures around, access to water has made the personnel helpless in extinguishing the fire.

The fire has been on for four hours now and according to the Fire Service, there is no water from the fire hydrants due to lack of water supply from the mains to help in cmpletely extingushing the fire.

“We’ve not been able to put it out completely yet because we still have problems with water supply but we have confined the fire,” Mr Timothy Affum of the Ghana National Fire Service Public Relations told TV3.

“In this situation water has been our main challenge and then there is a pile of timber products but because we don’t have adequate continuous supply of water, we are unable to put it out completely,” he added.

The cause of the fire is not unknown but eyewitnesses say it started from one of the structures in the area and spread to others. They told TV3 that some people initially attempted to extinguish the fire with gallons of water but to no avail.

Firefighters arrived at the scene an hour later and have since been battling to completely douse the fire, which has destroyed properties running into millions of cedis.

A car that was parked in an apartment close to the location of the fire was also burnt due to the intensity of the inferno.

Some unscrupulous persons took advantage of the situation to loot properties under the guise of salvaging those items from burning but the Police has since deployed personnel to the site to protect properties.


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