Former CJ broke a glass ceiling by joining protest against DDEP – Kpebu

The convener of the Individual Bond Holders Association of Ghana (IBHAG), Martin Kpebu has praised former Chief Justice Sophia Akuffo for her bravery.

He is glad that for once, someone who has held a critical position in government has “thrown caution to the wind” and spoken truth to power.

According to him, this single act has changed the face of Ghana’s democracy.

Mr. Kpebu believes the country will be making some significant progress if more of such people arise.

“I was surprised to see the former CJ join the pensioners’ protest. I always knew that she had that public spirit, but I did not know she could express it in this form. And it is good that she did. In fact, she has broken a glass ceiling. All along people who find themselves in certain positions seemed to be barred from coming to certain conversations. But her action has broken that glass ceiling. It is highly commendable.”

“In fact, she has changed the face of our democracy, because if our former Chief Justice protests against government that is super. God bless her for it. I call her the Yaa Asantewaa of our time. We need more people to speak. She has strengthened and changed the face of our democracy. She has spoken truth to power,” he added.

The former Chief Justice on Friday, February 10, 2023, joined a group of pensioners to picket at the Finance Ministry.

She described the move by the government as sheer wickedness and outright disrespect to the elderly who have sacrificed their lives for the development of the nation.

Madam Sophia Akuffo also called on the government to be transparent and account to Ghanaians what led to the current economic crisis and what all the loans were used for.

She threatened to head to Court if government does not exclude pensioners from the Domestic Debt Exchange Programme.