Frequently Asked Questions on Ghana’s Domestic Debt Exchange programme

Ghana’s Domestic Debt Exchange Programme has been launched to put the country’s debt on a sustainable path.

The debt restructuring will see a slash in interest payments for domestic bondholders to zero percent in 2023 and five percent in 2024.

Existing domestic bonds as of December 1, 2022, will also be exchanged for a set of four new bonds maturing in 2027, 2029, 2032 and 2037 – all in a bid of restoring the nation’s capacity to service its debt.

Under the programme, however, treasury bills and individual bondholders will not be affected while there will be no ‘haircuts’ on the principal of bonds, the government said.

Eligible domestic bondholders who fail to participate in the government debt exchange programme may get their bonds transformed into liquid assets at a low cost.

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