Funny Face Rains Insults On Fadda Dickson, Bola Ray, and Adebayor

Funny Face has gone berserk on Instagram and has done the unthinkable. He has insulted media personalities Fadda Dickson Narh of Despite Media, Bola Ray of EIB, and Emmanuel Adebayor. His reason for the insults is that they have turned their backs on him in his time of need. We have all been taken aback by this surprising turn of events surrounding Funny face’s current issues with his psychological health and ex-wife Vanessa.

Funny Face has a new album out and you’ll imagine his task will be to do promotional activities. The album funny face said in an interview will chronicle all he has gone through after the daughters were taken away from him without notice, through to when he had to check himself into the psychiatric hospital. The 11 track “Aseda” album has some really tight and commercially viable tracks.
Funny face has alleged that Adebayor will be sponsoring the album for him so we are surprised that he will include Adebayor in his Sunday morning insult video. The video is available below

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