Ghanaians should brace up for more tribal politics – Dr. Jinapor

tribal politics

A political analyst, Dr. Abu Jinapor says Ghanaians should brace themselves up for more tribal politics during the elections campaign period.

According to him, issues of tribalism will dominate the political landscape if the citizenry is not economically empowered.

Speaking on the Saturday edition of TV3 and 3FM’s New Day programme, Dr. Jinapor maintained that some people vote along tribal lines rather than on issues.

He said the role of tribalism still holds a place in Ghana’s politics.

He made reference to recent comments by former Transport Minister Dzifa Attivor supposedly pitching the Ewes against the NPP, which have been condemned by many.

“Dzifa Attivor’s statement was not good and it’s something that must be condemned. And I am not surprised because, we are going to hear more of those. You remember Osafo Marfo’s issue? It will not only be on political platforms but even academia. Even though we inter marry, these issues will continue until we have an economic empowerment’’.

He also added that, “The reality on the ground is that people vote on issues and competence…I do not subscribe to tribalism.”


Story by Sarah Apenkroh | 3FM |

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