Gov’t to restructure Ghana Cylinder Manufacturing Company

Gas CylinderGovernment is to restructure the Ghana Cylinder Manufacturing Company in a bid to expand its business model.

According to the National Petroleum Authority (NPA), the intended reform also seeks to increase the sales and development of multiple revenue streams to increase the profitability of the company.

It was established to promote wider usage of Liquefied Petroleum Gas [LPG] as a substitute for charcoal and firewood solve some of Ghana’s environmental challenges of degradation, deforestation and desertification caused by excessive use of firewood.

Currently, the company produces LPG cylinders and stoves as well as its accessories.

But the Head of Planning and Research at the NPA, Sheila Abiemo, told Onua FM government has earmarked the company for restructuring to boost its operations.

“There is the need to shift the business model of the company to ensure that the company is able to take full advantage of the downstream sector in the petroleum industry,” she said.

Currently, the company is the sole manufacturer and supplier of cylinders distributed by government under the rural liquefied petroleum product (LPG) promotion programme.

“The Ministry of Petroleum is helping the company to try and shift its marketing strategy from just being the producer of cylinders and move into other areas in terms of helping them market their product and improve upon their production processes,” Ms Abiemo said.

Nii Okai Tetteh||Ghana

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