GWR Cookathon attempt: Chef Smith Achieves 253-Hour Milestone

Chef Ebenezer Smith, also known as Millennium Chef, has logged an impressive 253 hours, 5 minutes, and 20.796 seconds in his cooking marathon as of this report.
The support has grown since the first day, with notable individuals such as Comedian Warris, Secret Billions group, Comedian MJ, Photographer Kobbi Blaq, and others contributing donations and cheering Chef Smith on.

The cooking marathon, started on February 1, aims to reach its climax on March 6 at Amadia Shopping Center, Spintex.

Chef Smith’s initial plan of cooking for 360 hours has been extended to cover the entire month of February until March 6.

Engaging events like musical chairs and dance battles are currently underway to attract a larger audience to the venue.

Despite a non-empty car park, the crowd size hasn’t matched that of previous Ghanaian Guinness World Record contenders.
Other chefs, including Beauty Obasuyi and Ghana’s Chef Faila, are awaiting confirmation for their record attempts.

Meanwhile, Ghanaian actress Adu Sarfowah has begun her Guinness World Record challenge for the longest speech at La Palm Royal Beach Hotel. The attempt, starting on February 9 and ending on February 14, 2024, requires her to deliver speeches in English, Twi, and French, with a minimum duration of 5 minutes for each speech.

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