‘I can’t advertise lotto, alcohol, condoms’ – Piesie Esther explains sponsorship problem

Award-winning gospel musician Piesie Esther has stated many reasons artistes don’t get the necessary sponsorships from brands to help them grow their craft.

According to her, many brands that are willing to sponsor artistes peddle products that may not align with Christian values. Thus, it is difficult for artistes to get sponsored by these companies.

Speaking in an interview with Nana Romeo on Accra 100.5 FM, Piesie Esther diclosed that most of the successful brands in the industry have products that do not align with the gospel. So gospel musicians cannot endorse. Unlike our highlife counterparts.

She gave a synario that, let’s say an alcoholic brand wants her to advertise their product. She can not do alcoholic advertisements. The brand will not get returns on such investments. So they will not do business with he.

The “Waye Me Yie” hitmaker cited cases where she had to turn down lucrative deals due to her Christian values and ethics.

“A lottery brand was trying to convince me to advertise their brand but I could not, as the name of the brand would not help my gospel brand and business.

“Sometimes, these things are not necessarily sinful but beyond myself, you have to think of what others will say. I can’t advertise lotto, alcohol, condoms and aphrodisiacs,” she said.

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