I Dislike The Ga Language As Well As The People – Actor Oboy Siki

The only actor who has slept with 2000 women including fellow colleague actress Oboy Siki has come out to say he dislikes the Ga language. He said this during an interview on Despite Media’s Neat FM Entertainment Ghana with Ola Michael. The 60-year-old actor said he has lived in Accra for 20 years but does not fancy the Ga language and thus he does not need it. He also added that, out of the thousands of languages on earth, the ga language is the one he dislikes.

Dada Santos as he goes by name has said in a past interview said that he will want to be an evangelist for Jesus Christ. “I have stopped this habit of sleeping with my colleague actresses and other women. I want to become an evangelist and preach God’s work. As a human being, everyone is bound to die and I can’t continue this stupid lifestyle, no way, I have given my life to Christ, he said in an interview with Kofi TV”

He said this after he admitted to sleeping with 2000 women. “Sleeping with too many women is bad and I’ll not advise anyone to follow my path”

The big question is, how does he evangelize to persons in the Ga community if he dislikes the language.

Oboy Siki started showbiz in the early 70’s working with the likes of Evans Kojo Bosompem [Bob Santo] and Nana Ampadu. Boys Boys was one of his biggest breakout series. Watch the interview below:

Ola: Oboy siki, Do you understand Ga language
Oboy: No No No No, it’s a language I dislike from all other languages on earth. At the age of 16 when I started coming to Accra, I have never leant the language.
Ola: Why’s that?
Oboy: I don’t like it
Ola: Why don’t you like the language?
Oboy: Are you looking for trouble for me with your questions? I said I don’t like the language and to add liking the ga people on top of that. That is how I live. I have lived in Accra for so many years. lived in Kokomlemle, Darkuman and labadi. So for the past 20years, i go in and out of Accra.

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