I Earn My Money Legally – Efia Odo Clarifies

Actress-turned-musician Efia Odo has reaffirmed that she earns her money legally.

Now running a restaurant, she shared that although she isn’t bothered by public opinion, she felt the need to address the matter.

She noted that some people are curious about her financial sources. On Snapchat, she posted videos of herself spending money, prompting a fan to call her a “big girl.” Efia Odo replied that such spending is “normal” for her and that she doesn’t show off as much as she could.

She pointed out that if she were making money through illegal means, she would have far more wealth, like owning a private jet.

She explained, “A lot of people have a perception that I do ash*wo. I don’t give a f*ck what y’all think but I just wanna clear the air: i don’t do ash*wo. If I did ash*wo heh charlie, yeah. But I make my money legally, ash*wo is illegal just to let you know.”

“I don’t flex enough … and i don’t gotta s*ck d*ck for a couple of dollars. If I was s**king d**k I’ll be on a private jet,”she added.

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