We’re not Mandated to Regulate Products Making Spiritual Claims – FDA Clarifies

The Food and Drugs Authority (FDA) has clarified its regulatory stance on products making spiritual claims, including those sold by “kayanmata” sellers, which are purported to influence others’ will, attract love, ensure debt repayment, and perform other miraculous feats.

This clarification follows the arrest and subsequent bail of Fella Makafui for selling unregistered drugs, false advertising, and publishing unapproved adverts, as cited by the FDA.

During the arrest, a variety of products were seized from her Mempeasem shop, including Fertility Tea (Fibroid and Womb Tea), Butt and Hips Enlargement Syrup, Butt and Hip Enlargement Oil, Booty Cream, Booty Scrub, Hip and Big Butt Tea, Breast Firming and Enlargement Cream, Vagina Detox Pearls, Male Sexual Vitality Tea, Spice Herbal Infection Mixture, Yoni Wash Gel, Orgasmic Gel, Weight Gain Syrup, Spice Coded Powder, Tiger Herbal Mixture, and Sweet Drip Honey.

Since her arrest, social media users have drawn the FDA’s attention to similar products promoted by other influencers, such as Hajia Bintu’s advertisements for spiritual products.

On the X platform, the FDA explained that it is not legally authorized to regulate products claiming spiritual effects. “Per the law, the FDA is not mandated to oversee products that make spiritual claims,” the FDA stated.


However, many people disagree with the FDA’s stance.

Read the responses below:

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