“I found ‘juju’ in David’s house” – Peruzzi claims

Nigerian singer Tobechukwu Victor Okoh, popularly known as Peruzzi has disclosed an unusual incident where juju (charms) fell from his jacket while getting dressed at Davido’s house.

Speaking in a recent interview with Afrotodayy, Peruzzi narrated this surprising event that happened after taking a shower and relaxing at Davido’s residence.

According to him, he decided to wear a jacket he had just retrieved from the laundry. He then noticed charms falling from the clothing during the dressing process.

Peruzzi clarified that initially, he had worn a shirt and trousers but felt an inexplicable urge to put on the jacket. He recounted how, as soon as he adorned the jacket, he witnessed the unexpected event.

He said, “One day I was in Davido’s house, after taking my shower around 6pm I wanted to dress up and go downstairs. I wore my shirt and trousers and one jacket was telling me wear me…as I was trying to wear the jacket correct juju fell from the clothes.

“Imagine the jacket I just brought from the laundry!.”

Peruzzi gained popularity for his distinctive sound, which combines elements of R&B, hip hop, and Afrobeat.

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