I met my husband online; he obtained my engagement list even before seeing me physically – Celestine Donkor

Gospel musician Celestine Donkor has shared her unique love story, which started unconventionally but developed into a beautiful romance.

During an interview with TV3’s Cookie Tee on Today’s Woman, Celestine Donkor revealed how she met her husband, Kofi Donkor, online, leading to an unorthodox yet heartwarming path to marriage.

She recounted how Kofi Donkor, her future husband at the time, acquired her engagement list from her family before they even met face-to-face. Celestine Donkor shared that their initial connection was facilitated through a friend based abroad who introduced them. Subsequently, Kofi Donkor made the deliberate decision to travel to Ghana with the sole purpose of marrying her after months of engaging in phone conversations.

Their virtual courtship allowed them to build a strong emotional connection based on mutual respect, understanding, and shared values before meeting in person. As a result, when they finally met face-to-face, they already had a solid foundation for their relationship, making the transition from virtual to reality smooth and effortless.

“We met through a friend who left Ghana for abroad. They spoke about me, and he took my number, so we were talking on the phone. At the time, it was Yahoo Messenger we were using. My husband took my engagement list and everything, even before seeing me physically.

“He came to Ghana purposely to marry me. He said he also prayed about me, and before he met me through my friend, there was a word he was looking forward to. There was just a word hanging on his life, and he was waiting for its manifestation. So when he met my friend and there was a discussion, he got to know that this is the person the man of God spoke about,” she narrated.

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