I sacrificed my family for powers – Prophet Oracle

The leader and founder of King House Chapel Prophet Oracle born Nana Nketia has disclosed that he sacrificed some of his family members for powers.

According to him, he was taken away by a spiritualist to live with him for 22 years and within that period, he was been taken care of by the man and his dwarfs who were over 7000.

Fast forward, it was time for the spiritualist who took care of him to die because he was 170 years old.

Speaking in a interview on GHPage TV, he explained that in his case, the man wasn’t going to die but rather he was going under the sea and was never going to return to earth again.

Now the dwarfs needed a new leader but they didn’t want another spiritualist to lead them so they settled on him (Prophet Oracle).

Prophet Oracle went on to say that before that could be a reality, he needed to sacrifice 7 people and he had only 17 days to present the people so he could be their leader.

Looking through his life he decided to sacrifice his father, elder brother, his brother’s wife and their son simply because he hated his father and his elder brother.

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