“If anything bad happens to me, question the people living in my house” – Medikal

Rapper Medikal, known as Samuel Adu Frimpong, has raised eyebrows with a recent statement that appears to be a plea for assistance.

The boss of Beyond Kontrol publicly declared that if any misfortune were to befall him, individuals in his household, excluding his daughter, should be held accountable.

Just days earlier, he disclosed that Fella was no longer his wife, clarifying that she is solely the mother of his child and that they are co-parenting. Despite Fella’s social media updates showing her enjoying herself elsewhere without her marriage ring, it remains unclear if she has returned home to live under the same roof as Medikal.

Medikal did not specify the individuals who might pose a threat to him, apart from exempting his daughter, Island Frimpong.

“Hi, my name is Samuel Adu Frimpong popularly known as Medikal.If anything bad happens to me, question the people living in my house, with the exception of my daughter. Island Frimpong,” he said in a post on X.


In another post, he asserted his immunity to blackmail or bribery.

“The only problem is I’m too rich to blackmail or take bribes. Plus I stand for the truth and nothing else,” he emphasized.

However, there is speculation about whether Medikal’s remarks are merely a ploy to generate buzz for his Indigo 02 Concert slated for May 3, 2024. In recent times, he has been making controversial revelations and frequently appearing in discussions. Some speculate that he is leveraging everything to promote his show, while others believe he may be grappling with marital issues.

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