It’s alleged: Young man who married two wives the same day has three baby mamas

It has been alleged that Ghanaian businessman and CEO of Inside Life Group, Michael Houston popularly known as Godfada GH Houston, recently married two wives at the same time allegedly has three baby mamas.

According to reports, he already has kids with three different women, and marrying two more wives in addition to his three baby mamas makes the women in his life five.

Anyway, Godfada who is now tagged the King Solomon of our time recently posted on his Facebook wall that he wanted to marry five women.

In a recent post, he showered praises on his wives and how they always have his back.

He wrote; “My wives have been doing something i want to talk about, I work late in the nights but around 12midnight i don’t find my wives around in the master bedroom. Its been happening for a while but it wasn’t much of a concern cause my work keeps me busy and occupied around that time.

But yesterday immediately i realized they have vanished at 12midnight as they usually do, i decided to go look for them in the other rooms in the house. To my surprise they have set up one of the rooms which they call the “WAR ROOM” and this room is specifically for prayers.

Every midnight they join an online praying group which my mom encouraged them to join with her to pray and sometimes they pray till they fall asleep. I now understand why i am making so much progress in life, sometimes a woman doesn’t need to provide money in a relationship like the modern world paints it, her heart and prayers is enough.

I am so impressed and proud, in my next life i want to marry them again. To all the men out there, remember to appreciate our women, cause they can make or break you. Adepa Fel and Godess Deejah Abarry, My God bless you plenty, may we thrive through all storms of life and come out winning. From the bottom of my heart i say Thank you and i love you 3000🥰😆🙏🏾 #CEODRHOUSTON

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