I’ve never had an affair with a produce for movie roles – Victoria Lebene claims

A well-known Ghanaian actress and entrepreneur Victoria Lebene has claimed that despite her little filmography, she’s still one of the best in her country.

According to her, despite the obstacles she has face, she has maintained her status as a nationally renowned personality.

During an interview with Sokoohemaa Kukua on Rainbow Radio 87.5FM’s mid-morning show, Vicoria Lebene discussed how her career heavily relies on collaborations with A-list performers which has shaped her to become a prominent figure in the industry.

Lebene was quite honest about the difficulties she had on her path to stardom., including the numerous rejections she faced during auditions.

Her position is reinforced by her perseverance, hard work, and partnerships with famous actors, despite early setbacks, her tenacity, diligence.

The actress also discussed the abuse she faced, mentioning how certain filmmakers would use actresses for their own benefit.

The actress talked about the mistreatment she endured and how some directors would take advantage of actresses for their personal gain.

She emphasized the need to speak out against this kind of exploitation, but she did not name any people.

Victoria Lebene claims that during one audition, she was asked to take off her clothing. She graciously declined and left the room.

She cautioned prospective performers against attempts at exploitation and emphasized the value of talent and hard work over sacrificing one’s surroundings for stardom.

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