Joyce Blessing weeps over ex-manager’s sabotage

Gospel musician, Joyce Blessing shed tears in the studios of Peace FM yesterday over a perceived sabotage of her social media handles.

News emerged some months ago that Joyce Blessing’s ex-manager and husband Dave, had taken her social media accounts from her after their marriage ended.

Speaking on Peace FM’s Entertainment Review show with Kwasi Aboagye, Joyce said all efforts to get back her accounts from Dave had proven futile compelling to open new social media accounts.

She indicated that after opening the new accounts, Dave had been reporting her leading to her getting strikes.

Amid tears, Joyce said after her virtual concert last Sunday, Dave took the video from her new Facebook account and posted it on the old YouTube channel which he manages leading to her getting a strike after she posted it.

When Dave was called for his side of the story, he told Kwasi Aboagye that there were some issues both parties needed to resolve.

He said a meeting had been scheduled for Tuesday and he was willing to release the old social media handles to his former wife if things went well.

Watch the video below:

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