Kixx Alphah of Dead Peepol fame drops new single ‘I Don’t Care’ with Lasmid

Rising music sensation, Kixx Alphah Kixx of Dead Peepol fame has unveiled his newest single, “I Don’t Care,” featuring the talented artist Lasmid.

“I Don’t Care” is a sweet catchy love song with suiting melodies that resonates with matters of the heart.

The inspiration behind “I Don’t Care” emerged from Kixx Alphah’s recent conversations with friends. These discussions centered on the complexities of love, particularly the challenges posed by negative influences attempting to disrupt or discourage loving relationships. The song sheds light on the enduring connection between lovers who, despite adversities, continue to cherish their bonds.

Kixx Alphah’s signature blend of drill beats and afropop, paired with his unique vocal prowess, brings this emotional narrative to life.


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