Korea Prime Minister awards Ghana Health Service Boss

The Director-General of the Ghana Health Service (GHS), Dr. Patrick Kuma-Aboagye has received the Korean Prime Minister’s citation.

The citation is in recognition of and appreciation for his outstanding contributions to the National and Social Development of the Republic of Korea through the International Development Cooperation.

It was handed to him on 25th November 2022, by the Prime Minister of the Republic of Korea, Han Duck-soo in Korea.

Presenting the citation, the Prime Minister said it is to directly identify and reward professionals who play integral roles in the implementation of development projects that brings about social change.

This recognition comes on the back of Dr Kumah’s excellent management of Ghana’s Covid-19 response programme. As the GHS boss, he led the effective coordination of Ghana’s response programme that eventually curtailed the importation of the virus and stopped its spread.

His scientifically grounded leadership in shaping an effective response to the Covid-19 pandemic won him admiration from colleague health professionals who attributed Ghana’s success in defeating the virus in part to his proactiveness as the head of the Health Service.

Commenting on the citation, Dr Kumah said “I am happy to receive this citation amid the recognition and honour it comes with it.”

He expressed gratitude to the Prime Minister and the people of the Republic of Korea for the recognition and promised to do more to advance the frontiers of social development.