NPP presidential race: Let’s all rally behind Boakye Agyarko [Article]

Boakye Agyarko

It has always been NPP’s traditional custom to formally fix a time and date to declare the party’s leadership vacancy when the situation is due to become vacant.

Interested party members who estimate their ability and trust themselves to be capable to hold the forth, formally file their nominations and accordingly pay the required accompanying fee.

The winner of the leadership race becomes the automatic presidential candidate for the upcoming general and presidential elections year. Usually, when in government, it is about a year to the end of the ruling administration, but when in opposition, it is much earlier, so that the elected leader can be adequately marketed for acceptance to the Ghanaian voting public.

Contrary to this, what we are seeing and hearing these days is, things are in stark contrast to the customary norm of the NPP.

Soon after the elections for the party’s second term in office, which indeed is always subject to winning the trust and confidence of the people of Ghana, and it applies to every party in office, and which our NPP won only narrowly, there has come a sudden rush for the party’s leadership slot, as if the position will be vacant right “tomorrow”, but nay, it is three years away.

Why this sudden and unusual rush? This is what any reasonably rational person may ask. The suggested answer that is currently the talk of the country is that the administration has flopped miserably, and things aren’t going well for the nation, and for the NPP. A promising redeemer in waiting is required immediately to give assurance to Ghanaians.

Even, the vice-President, and some serving cabinet Ministers have held themselves out for the position, while still holding on to their cabinet position, which by our constitution, would require an immediate resignation.

Posters are out on the streets of Accra and elsewhere, yet there are disingenuous denials of the person concerned of any knowledge and consent of it, albeit express or implied of these posters and ongoing campaigning.

In the NPP leadership race is Boakye Agyarko, who has expressed his intent to contest for the position which is due to become vacant.

This follows the adage that the early bird catches the worm, and also that when everybody is jumping the queue for a product, no one person can bring the chaotic crowd to order by forming a queue, else, the Mr. “do things right” will wait “till God’s kingdom comes”, and which may never. So, Mr. Boakye Agyarko, the former Energy Minister has not only expressed his interest to lead the NPP, but he is confident and due to join the competitors, and he’s also confident to win the race.

Upon hearing about the intent of Mr. Boakye Agyarko joining the contestants, people from all walks of life are rushing either to see and speak with the former Energy Minister, or most likely to pledge their unflinching support for him, and also probably for him to acknowledge them, and to remember them in the “kingdom” of his upcoming administration from 7th January 2025.

Mr. Boakye Agyarko is a well-known figure and personality in the NPP. He’s known as a truly disciplined and principled person with the required strength of mind as a leader, and in readiness to implement policies and ideas apt of a leader and President to facelift Ghana and the NPP, if elected. Ghanaians and the NPP want a leader and President who is worth his title ‘EXCELLENCY’ to be proud of, not just anybody for fun as President to do a fanciful regrettable job.

NO BRIBERY, NO CORRUPTION, NO VAIN AND UNFULFILLED PROMISES. So, joining hands with Mr. Boakye Agyarko must be with a clean heart and clean hands for the best performance and delivery as a political leader.

It is already laden in the prevailing wind across Ghana that the soon-to-go party leader has a selected lobbying campaign team for a particular person to succeed him after his compulsory exit after the 7th December 2024 polls. Even religious faith leaders have joined in the fanciful campaign orchestrated by the soon-to-exit leader.

Fellow Ghanaian reading public, here’s a short analogy for your attention and consideration.

Imagine having bought an expensive suiting material for a pair of suit for yourself, meant for an important and memorable occasion. You are directed by someone you know and trust to a person who claims to be a bespoke designer and sewing artist.

To your utter disgust and disappointment, the so-called “bespoke” tailor, with his crew of apprentices has done a wretched botched job for you. Though late, yet never too late, and un-despaired, you procure another of the same material for the same purpose and event that is yet to come.

This so-called “bespoke” tailor recommends to you for rather his apprentice to design and sew the new material for you. Please do ask yourself, was he truly “bespoke” as he bragged about?

As a sane and rational person, would it be prudent for you to engage this recommended apprentice this time around?

Hmmmmmm, asɛm sɛ bɛ, so over to you to decide.

If indeed, the master tailor had done marvellous work for you, even an apprentice under his training would be very much trusted to do a magnificent job to your satisfaction.

The crux of the matter is that, the rush into the camp of Mr. Boakye Agyarko for NPP leadership has gathered an unimaginable apex momentum, so, what is holding you back from joining the obvious winning team?