Listen: Nii Lewis joins forces with Harry & Larry for new single “Calling”

Ghanaian singer, Nii Lewis is out with a new single titled ‘Calling’ featuring Harry & Larry. 

In the ever-revolving cycle of life, we all catch broken hearts and the whirlwind of emotions that accompany it. A story as old as time but as fresh as the tears on the pillow of the broken-hearted. 

Stream or download ‘Calling’ across all major digital platforms here:

True artists express their emotions through their art and in moments of vulnerability, one may sometimes discover the most beautiful melodies and lyrics that really hit home and are also deeply relatable. 

That’s exactly what happened with ‘Calling’ by Nii Lewis x Harry & Larry. ‘Calling’ tells a universal story of love lost and the profound impact it leaves on one’s soul.

Nii’s expressive vocals on Zmoke’s wicked production paints the perfect picture and reflects the emotional turmoil one experiences when their heart is in pieces.

About Nii Lewis

Nii Lewis, is a singer-songwriter raised in the garden city, Kumasi-Ghana. Growing up in a music loving household, he grew a passion for music in his young age and spent most of his time listening to his dad’s diverse collection of music cassettes and CDs.

He made his debut in 2020 and having been making music for over 3 years, he has become quite popular for his enigmatic artistry.

Nii Lewis is a gifted vocalist, adept at breaking genre rules with his unique ability of blending musical styles from all walks of the craft. A true definition of a contemporary musician.

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